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C1921 Modular Router 2 GE 2 EHWIC slots 512DRAM IP Base
Note:Image may not represent the actual product
Price (Ex GST): $ 1,216.47
Manufacturer: Cisco
Description PI DATE : June 2010 \n PRODUCT : C1921 Modular Router with IP Base Lic \n PORTS : 2 RJ-45 onboard LAN 10/100/1000 ports \n 1 USB console port (mini-Type B) (up to 115.2 kbps) \n 1 Serial console port, 1 Serial auxiliary port \n SLOTS : 2 EHWIC slots, \n 1 External USB flash-memory slots (Type A) \n MEM : 512 MB/512 MB Default/maximum \n USB FLASH MEMORY (INTERNAL) : 256 MB/256 MB Default/maximum \n INTG POWER SUPPLY : AC \n EMBEDDED HARDWARE-BASED CRYPTOGRAPHY ACCELERATION (IPSEC + SSL) : Yes

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