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SECURITY/ASA 5510 Security Plus Appl with SW: HA: 2GE+3FE: 3DES/AES
Note: Image may not represent the actual product
Price (Ex GST): $ 4,577.04
Manufacturer: Cisco
Description PI DATE: July 2006 \n Cisco ASA 5500 SERIES : Cisco SECURITY/ASA 5510 Security Plus Firewall Edition \n Bundles 5 Fast Ethernet interfaces, 250 IPSec VPN peers, \n 2 SSL VPN peers, Active/Standby high availability, \n 3DES/AES license \n Cisco SECURITY/ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance \n FIREWALL THROUGHPUT : Up to 300 Mbps \n VPN THROUGHPUT : Up to 170 Mbps \n MAXIMUM CONNECTIONS: 50,000/130,000 \n MAXIMUM CONNECTIONS/SECOND: 6000 \n MEMORY (MB): 256 \n SYSTEM FLASH (MB): 64 \n IPSEC VPN PEERS : 250 \n SSL VPN peers(included/maximum) 2 / 250 \n INTERFACES: 5 x 10/100 Fast Enet + 1 management port \n MAX VIRTUAL I/FACES(VLANs): 10/25 \n SSC/SSM EXPANSION SLOT: Yes ( SSM) \n HIGH AVAILABILITY: Active/Active, Active/Standby \n * Application-layer security \n * Layer 2 transparent firewalling \n * IPSec and WebVPN services \n * DES or 3DES-ASE license provides encryption technology to enable specific \n features, such as secure remote management (SSH, ASDM, and so on), \n site-to-site VPN, and remote access VPN \n The license is enabled through an encryption license key

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