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Single Port Router with 1 Phone Port and 1 FXO Port (ANZ)
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Price (Ex GST): $ 115.23
Manufacturer: Cisco
Description PI DATE : November 2006 \n I/FACES : 2 100baseT RJ-45 Ethernet Port (IEEE 802.3) -- 1 WAN, 1 LAN \n 1 x RJ-11 FXS Phone Ports - For Analog Circuit Tel Device (Tip/Ring) \n 1 x RJ-11 FXO Phone Ports - For a Telco or PBX Connection \n FXS : Ring Voltage: 40-55 VRMS Configurable \n SECURITY : Password Protected System Reset to Factory Default \n Password Protected Admin & User Access Authority \n Provisioning/Configuration/Authentication: \n HTTPS with Factory Installed Client Certificate \n HTTP Digest - Encrypted Authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321) \n Up to 256-bit AES Encryption \n DIMENSIONS : 101 x 101 x 28 mm) W x H x D \n * Single Stage and Two Stage Dialing \n * Forward Calls to VoIP service - Selective, Authenticated, All \n * Forward Calls to PSTN service - Selective, Authenticated, All \n * PSTN Line Sharing with Multiple Extensions \n * Automatic PSTN Fallback (Loss of Power or IP Service to Unit - with \n Quiescence to Normal Operations) \n * Advanced Inbound and Outbound Call Routing \n * Independent Configurable Dial Plans - Up to 8 \n * Force PSTN Disconnection \n * Sequential Dialing Support \n * Fax: G.711 Pass Through or Real Time Fax over IP via T.38

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