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Cisco Mobility Express Bundle

Cisco® Mobility Express Bundle combines Cisco’s enterprise-class Wi-Fi in a simple, affordable solution. Designed specifically for small to medium Wi-Fi deployments, Cisco Mobility Express Bundle is built on Cisco’s industry-leading 802.11ac portfolio and delivers a new, simple, easy-to-use user interface that provides fast over-the-air configuration in less than five minutes. Small and midsize businesses get an enterprise-class, feature-rich solution without the premium price. 


Cisco’s Best-in-Class 802.11ac Features with an Easy-to-Use User Interface

Balancing cost and network sophistication is an ongoing struggle for businesses that want advanced wireless technology to improve business efficiency and increase responsiveness to customer needs and market demands. With Cisco’s Mobility Express Bundle, small and medium-sized networks can benefit from advanced technology such as 802.11ac, which is the latest Wi-Fi technology standard available today. Even if your IT budget is limited, you can take advantage of features such as these:

 Mobile Bundle

Advanced 802.11ac features:

   Better client battery life

   Increased bandwidth for more applications

   Better client density

 Ease-of-use features:

   A new, easy, over-the-air installation for operational efficiency

   Simplified monitoring and troubleshooting

   Cisco’s industry-leading features enabled by default

●   Get best-in-class WLAN out of the box

●   Reduce configuration omissions or errors



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