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Unified communications key benefits


Unified communications is currently undergoing tremendous growth, accelerated by access to value-added features and applications only unified communications can provide to the end user. Additionally, the cost benefits of converging data, voice, and video onto a single network are adding to the rapid acceptance of this technology.



Cost-effective operations through a single, integrated voice-and-data platform for all branch-office needs

Highly reliable routers, including the Cisco 1800/1900, 2800/2900, and 3800/3900 Series Integrated Services Routers, provide robust quality of service (QoS), network security, encryption, firewall, and network modules that deliver content networking and enhanced VPN services to address branch and small-office business needs. The system delivers integrated IP telephony, voicemail, and automated-attendant functions, allowing customers to deploy one device to address all their business needs, thereby simplifying management, maintenance, and operations and delivering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Complete voice and data networking solution for the small business

Cisco Smart Business Communications System provides a unique, comprehensive business communications solution with tightly coupled voice, data, video, network security, wireless mobility, and system management. Its components were designed to be deployed as a complete system especially designed for the small business, allowing your business communications to evolve as your needs change.


Up to 50% reduction in current call costs

Converging the voice and data networks allows businesses to tap into the economics of VoIP. When North Sydney IT sits down with our clients to discuss costs, we invariably find that the upfront equipment costs are paid off with call cost savings through VoIP within 6-12 months. Below is an actual breakdown we did with a client of ours that demonstrates the call cost savings of VoIP.


Current Bill Breakdown

Type of Call

Number of Calls


Call Cost (Av)


2284 $365.44 $0.16
Interstate 146 $65.70 $0.45
Calls to Mobiles
2700 $1566.00 $0.58
Call Fwd to Mobiles 476 $90.44 $0.19
Total 5606 $2087.58  

Traditional PBX Telephony Equipment & Line Rental: $540.00


VoIP Cost Breakdown (Monthly) - 4 VoIP Line Out / 1 VoIP Line In

Type of Call

Number of Calls


Call Cost (Av)


2284 $251.24 $0.11
Interstate 146 $16.06 $0.45
Calls to Mobiles
2700 $621.00 $0.58
Call Fwd to Mobiles 476 $71.40 $0.19
Total 5606 $959.70  

SIP Trunk Rental: $20.00


Sophisticated key system and private-branch-exchange (PBX) capabilities

Small offices have different workflows and require specialized features to support their work practices. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express delivers a robust set of telephony features for the small office and delivers unique value-added capabilities through Extensible Markup Language (XML). These capabilities, which cannot be delivered by traditional systems, enhance the productivity of the end user and the business.


Enable True Employee Mobility

Cisco Unified CallConnector Mobility delivers business calls to workers on a phone of their choice at their current location. It comes with an add-on server application that integrates with Cisco Unified CME to monitor incoming business calls, and then routes or bridges them based on user-specified call-handling rules. Whether at home or from remote locations, workers can place or receive calls through the Cisco Unified CME and take advantage of their business's Unified Communications infrastructure.


Contact center capabilities

From basic call queuing to sophisticated contact centers for small to medium-sized companies, branch locations, or departments, customers can deploy agent-assisted or self-service applications to reduce business costs and improve customer response by providing sophisticated and distributed automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), and agent and desktop services.

Interoperability with Cisco Unified Communications Manager: Customers can deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager at larger sites and deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express at branch-office locations where local call processing is required. Using H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, calls can be routed over the WAN with calling-party name and number information, plus compressed voice for better WAN bandwidth utilization.


Cisco Unified CallConnectors for desktop Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Simplify communications and facilitate collaboration between users and customers with the easy-to-use interface of the Cisco Unified CallConnector suite. These products extend customer information with call control to the Microsoft Windows desktop, providing integration with popular customer-relationship-management (CRM) products or Microsoft Outlook for more effective communications.



Investment protection and ease of upgrade to centralized call-processing systems

There is a fundamental need for a technology infrastructure to accommodate organizational changes, and as a manager you must find ways to cost effectively restructure to adapt to the changes. Traditional TDM-based voice systems are ill equipped to manage these changes due to constraints of location, proprietary technology, and rigid architecture. A North Sydney IT and Cisco solution, however, will enable quick integration of new sites into the corporate network, and optimize the use of existing facilities by providing a flexible foundation. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Cisco Unified CME) is ideal for deploying new sites quickly, using a "cookie-cutter" approach, and their investment is protected if they outgrow Cisco Unified CME as the same equipment is reused with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco UCM).


Remote maintenance and troubleshooting

Customers can use the industry-standard Cisco IOS Software command-line interface (CLI) or user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to configure and administer Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express allows a Cisco integrated services router or Cisco Smart Business Communications System to provide call processing for locally attached IP and analog phones. All the necessary files and configurations for IP phones are stored internally on the appliance, providing a single platform solution. In addition, the solution offers a robust set of public-switched-telephone-network (PSTN) interfaces, integrated voicemail and automated attendant, and a full phone portfolio. Cisco IOS Software offers industry-leading voice features designed for IP-based telephony systems, such as H.323 and SIP signalling, advanced QoS, and integrated services router interworking with an H.323 gatekeeper or SIP proxy server, all available for use with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express deployments. In addition, integrated functions such as channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU) and Network Termination 1 (NT1) devices are available with digital PSTN interface cards to provide flexible and robust voice


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