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Business Mobility Solutions

Key points -

  • Business mobility has shifted from an executive privilege to a competitive requirement

  • Enabling mobility will result in increased productivity and decision making for your business

  • We design, implement & support the Cisco Secure Remote Access solution (click to view .pdf)

What is Business Mobility?

Business mobility is simply all about empowering your workforce to do thier job  no matter their location. This concept is changing rapidly from a privilege for only top executives to a business requirement to remain competitive in the marketplace. At North Sydney IT, we see a number of factors driving the trend, such as the increasing number of 'the mobile generation' entering the workforce, the 'work anytime' environment workers face in tough economic times and the increasing urgency to make businesses 'Green'.

Mobility or the use of mobile technology in business is growing fast and encompasses every aspect of your technology environment. Mobility can mean any of the following:


  • Wireless access to your entire infrastructure via laptops, PDAs, SmartPhones, BlackBerry
  • Email or data access from anywhere (home, hotel, Internet hot spot; wired, wireless)
  • Secure connections to stock or reporting systems to view real-time information

Benefits of a Business Mobility Solution

This all sounds great, but as a business owner, what do you get? By enabling mobility, your workforce will be empowered with insight, collaboration, and awareness, which then provides increased productivity and improved decision making for your business.

Once again, implementing mobile technologies because it's the latest trend, or your friend is doing it, is not valid reasons for adding mobile capabilities. But it's likely that your employees are out in the field, telecommuting, in meetings, away from their desk or just constantly on the move. Without access to your business network, this time away from work is unproductive or even wasted, resulting in missed opportunities to create great customer service.

By connecting mobile workers to your network, you can enable them to sustain a seamless work-flow when out of the office, making their jobs easier and more effective.

Whether you have a multi-site or campus-based business, or you're moving or opening a new facility, enabling uninterrupted mobile collaboration between environments, people, devices, and networks is critical to maintaining a competitive edge and fostering business growth. When individuals and teams are empowered to work when, where, and how they prefer-without sacrificing security- your business may be able to reach new levels of customer satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, and success.


How do i know if this is for my business?

If your business needs a solution to cope with a fast-paced environment where people, information and assets are on the move, it is likely we can help.

To discuss these positive business advantages, North Sydney IT can talk to you about implementing either a Cisco Unified Wireless Network or Mobile Solutions for Unified Communications solution tested and validated with a wide range of devices and applications.

At North Sydney IT, we have the business and technical expertise to develop a mobility roadmap for your business.  If you'd like to have a complimentary assessment to determine whether taking this path will be a good investment for your business, please use the contact form or call us on 1300 783 899.


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