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Do you require support / installation services?

Consolidate your providers. We can design, supply and configure your Cisco based business network. Ask for a competitive quote for services with your online purchase. Simply call 02 9439 6585 or email

Cisco Wireless NetworkingCisco Wireless Networking

  • Secure Cisco wireless networks increase collaboration, productivity and innovation
  • 802.11n wireless technology will save time and money when it comes to expanding your network


Today's Small and Medium Business (SMB) environment is very competitive, constantly changing, and requires secure handling of communications and information. North Sydney IT offer our customers advanced wireless and security technology to help them succeed.

Wi-Fi is prevalent in the home, on the road, and in business. As a decision maker, it's likely want to benefit from this convenience and improved in your business as well.



Wi-Fi and mobile computing devices enable staff to work from anywhere in the building, campus, warehouse, or clinic, thus improving productivity. Wi-Fi allows employees to work together, share data, and access the Internet, regardless of location; for example, in meeting and conference rooms.


Save time and Money

Wi-Fi can save time and money when expanding your network, when it's too costly or too inconvenient to pull new Ethernet cable when adding or moving offices and cubes. Cabling costs can be very high in older buildings, brick buildings, or where asbestos may be a problem. Installing access points (APs) can extend the reach of your network either permanently or temporarily.

In addition to this, 802.11n is becoming more widely deployed in business and provides Ethernet-like reliability and bandwidth-making the wireless network experience the same as wired, only more flexible.

The proliferation of mobile computing devices is creating the need for many businesses to increase their network coverage for devices such as notebook PCs, mobile and hand-held computers and tablets, PDAs, and dual-mode phones such as Blackberry and iPhone. The nature of mobile computing is that these devices require a Wi-Fi connection-and the trend is that there will be no built-in Ethernet port in the near future.


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