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Do you require support / installation services?

Consolidate your providers. We can design, supply and configure your Cisco based business network. Ask for a competitive quote for services with your online purchase. Simply call 02 9439 6585 or email

Cisco Networking Solutions


Cisco's market-leading selection of networking products familiar to our staff, among many others, includes PIX 500 Firewalls and ASA 5500 Series Firewalls, the Catalyst FWSM, protected high-speed and ISR routers, Aironet wireless access points and bridges, Voice over IP (VoIP) systems including the popular UC500 series, Catalyst Series switches, plus protection and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.


Our services at a glance:


  • Cisco Routers: Design, installation and support of Cisco routers from SOHO basic devices to Enterprise routers, 800 to 7600 series routers. Installation with basic to advanced configuration like load balancing, failover and security.
  • Cisco Switches: Installation, configuration and support of all Cisco catalyst switches, additionally securing devices on request.
  • Cisco Security: Secure your company from external threats with advanced features of Cisco security devices like PIX Firewalls, ASA devices, IPS and Ironports.
  • Cisco Wireless: Experience the stability and usability of Cisco wireless devices. With maximum security features from Cisco Aironet series wireless accesspoints and wireless routers.
  • Cisco VPN: Secure connections across large physical distances with Cisco VPN. With the latest IT trend being business mobility, make sure you're at the front of the pack with a Cisco VPN solution.
  • Cisco Voip: Voip (Voice over IP) is a new technology that is rapidly replacing old telephony systems in businesses Australia wide. Cisco is the leader in this technology and has got a large amount of Voice over IP applications and hardware devices.  Our rare Cisco experts have years of experience with this new technology and will develop the best solution possible using Cisco devices like the UC500 series, Cisco IP Phones 7900 series, CIPC, CCME and CUCM and also Cisco Analog (FxO , FXS , E&M), E1 interfaces and Cisco voice gateways.



Even the best hardware and software is of little value as a network if it is not installed and configured properly. Integrating today's advanced server applications and networking hardware is simply a matter of experience and training. The results of incorrectly installed network hardware can result in costly budget problems and operational downtime. Done well, an efficient and well designed network will boost the productivity, collaboration and innovation for your business.

Based on its scale, your network is either classified as a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Personal Area Network (PAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Campus Area Network (CAN), Storage Area Network (SAN), or one of the many other acronyms used in the industry.  The point is, North Sydney IT can supply and manage all your networking requirements, whatever it is.

There are four main media types for carrying data across networks:


Twisted Pair


Fiber Optic

Wireless LAN


Up to 10 Gbps

10-100 Mbps

1,2,3,10 Gbps or higher

Up to 540 Mbps


Up to 100m

Up to 500m

Up to 60km

Up to 100m


Least expensive


Most expensive






Access Points


Our trained and certified Cisco engineers are experts in aligning your network to the needs of your business of any size, whether a small home office or large, multi-location corporate office.


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