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Virualisation SupportVirtualisation Support


Are you trying to hold up too many servers? We can help!


What is Virtualisation?


Virtualisation is a technology that creates a layer of abstraction between hardware and software; between the computing, storage and network infrastructure and the operating systems and applications that use them.


In the case of server consolidation, many small physical servers are replaced by fewer larger physical servers, to increase the utilization of costly hardware resources such as CPU. Although hardware is consolidated, typically OSes are not. Instead, each OS running on a physical server becomes converted to a distinct OS running inside a virtual machine. The large server can "host" many "guest" virtual machines. A virtual machine can be more easily controlled and inspected from outside than a physical one, and its configuration is more flexible.

At North Sydney IT we implement Virtualisation solutions to maximise the efficiency, flexibility and performance of your server environment while reducing operational expenses and capital costs.


We accomplish this using Virtualisation software: VMWare ESX Server, Citrix Xenserver and Microsoft Hyper-V to consolidate services onto fewer scalable, reliable servers.


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